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Our 500 thread count Isle of Omni sheets are silky soft, almost 'floaty'. Perfect for warm summer nights at home or for adding a touch of luxury to the batch. The 100% organic cotton means they are breathable and moisture resistant so great for hot sleepers.

Made from some of the finest cotton in the world, our organic cotton sheets are unparalleled as the bedding of utmost luxury. Organically grown with care, woven by artisans to the finest finish and Certified by the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS).

Using a sateen weave, Omni-cotton sheets are softer than a percale weave, drape better and crease less. They are strong and durable, with a lustrous, silky feel.

Deciding between the 500 and 1000 thread count? The difference isn’t one of quality or prestige, rather of your preferred sleep experience. The 500TC is a lighter sheet whereas the 1000TC is a heavier, thicker and more structured feeling. 500TC is beautifully cool for warmer seasons.

Our Omni Cotton Pillowcase Set includes:
1 x 100% GOTS Organic Cotton Flat Sheet with 10cm Cuff
1 x 100% GOTS Organic Cotton Fitted Sheet with 50cm Drop
2 x 100% GOTS Organic Cotton Pillowcases with 10cm Cuff

- Global Organic Textile Standard Certified (GOTS)
- Sustainably Produced
- Natural Fibre
- Free from Nasties
- Naturally Hypoallergenic
- Ideal for Sensitive Skin
- Breathable
- Moisture Resistant
- Soft to Touch
- Strong and Durable


Fitted: 152cm x 203cm + 50cm drop
Flat: 245cm x 260cm with 10cm cuff
Pillowcases: 50cm x 75cm with 10cm cuff



Fitted: 165cm x 203cm + 50cm drop
Flat: 275cm x 260cm with 10cm cuff
Pillowcases: 50cm x 75cm with 10cm cuff


Super King      

Fitted: 180cm x 203cm + 50cm drop
Flat: 290cm x 260cm with 10cm cuff
Pillowcases: 50cm x 75cm with 10cm cuff

We recommend washing separately before your first use.

Gentle machine wash in cool to warm water – ideally 30 - 40° C

Always wash light and dark colours separately.

We recommend using a natural plant based laundry detergent; avoid detergents with bleaching agents & enzymes – these can weaken the fabric and cause discolouration.

As with all natural fibres – repeated washing, at high temperatures will shorten the lifespan of your bedding.

Line-drying in the shade is ideal for the environment as well as leaving your linen outdoor-fresh and almost crease free. You can also use flat drying or tumble drying on a delicate setting. When using a tumble dryer, remove sheets promptly to reduce
creasing.  We recommend airing it while slightly damp for the best result and feel. Organic cotton is not chemically treated, so high temperatures can cause shrinkage.

Direct sunlight for long periods – will cause fading or yellowing over time. However organic cotton if properly treated will last longer than non-organic cotton.

Warm iron on reverse if required – ideally while still damp.

All Isle of Omni cotton towel and bedding products are proudly Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) Certified, the world’s leading standard for this textile.

The Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) was developed by leading standard setters to define world-wide recognised requirements for organic textiles. From seed to stitch, the entire process of the supply chain falls under the microscope.

At the very beginning, no genetically modified seeds are used, nor are pesticides or chemicals. This not only delivers a better, safer product for our customers, it is better for the farmers that don’t have to use chemicals, and for the environment as the soil remains fertile and requires less water for farming, conserving this precious resource.

Every step along the cottons journey to becoming a beautiful, completed towel, throw, or bedding, is overseen by GOTS strict environmental and social criteria. All parts of the supply chain process must be certified. From the growers, to spinners, dyers, factories and even storage. Product must be produced using fair trade labour. Production must be kept separate from non-organic production throughout the whole process to avoid contamination and any dyes used must be biodegradable.

Through this certification, we can confidently assure our customers that when using our products, there are no triggering nasties against their skin, just the most breathable and soft organic cotton of the highest quality.

Read more about GOTS here