Why The Responsible Down Standard Matters

All Isle of Omni feather and down products are proudly Responsible Down Standard (RDS) Certified, the world’s leading standard for this product. As part of our Conscious Luxury ethos, we’re committed to only using ethically sourced down.

The Responsible Down Standard (RDS) was developed by leading standard setters to define world-wide recognised best practices in animal welfare. The aim is to ensure that down and feathers come from animals that have not been subjected to any unnecessary harm.

Respect and humane treatment of ducks and geese is at the heart of the certification’s philosophy. Responsible Down Standard is in place to ensure that any down sourced comes from ducks and geese that have been treated well, have not been subjected to cruel practices such as live-plucking and force-feeding, and kept in environments that allow them to express natural behaviours and live free from pain, fear or distress. Farms are regularly and routinely audited by an independent third party. The entire process of the supply chain falls under the microscope and a chain of custody is maintained to ensure traceability.

Through this certification, we can confidently assure Omni customers that our feather and down products come from only the most ethical sources. Read more about RDS here.

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