About Isle of Omni

Our collective team are designers, manufacturers, and content creators who came together to celebrate a shared love for quality linen and homewares.

And while each of us brings a different life experience and skill set to Isle Of Omni, our combined vision is focused and simple; We want to create beautiful, quality, long-lasting products. 

At Isle of Omni we value transparency and communication. We want you to be able to ask the hard questions about where we are making our products, with whom, and how their production affects their immediate communities and the world around them. While we will not always be perfect, we will strive to constantly improve. 

Ethical & Transparent

Our Isle of Omni suppliers manufacturing practices are either Fair Trade compliant and/or environmentally sound. Our cotton homewares are all GOTS certified and our linen is sustainably sourced and produced.

Created by Trusted Experts

We have carefully created a collection of homewares with a team of sourcing specialists and a panel of interior styling experts.

Made for Concious Consumers

A world where people consume less, and invest in higher quality, longer lasting, more sustainable products.

Amber Peebles

Co-Founder of Isle of Omni