European Linen

Our Isle of Omni linen products are woven from the purest 100% flax linen sourced in France and Belgium. Enzyme washed to give you that perfect softness and relaxed look and feel, unique to linen. An incredibly durable fabric, linen will soften with every wash and improve with age making it a timeless investment in an everyday luxury.

Linen is one of nature’s miracle fibres with so many inherit benefits, we believe that it is important to leave it as close to nature as possible. Flax is grown with very few fertilisers or pesticides, it is perfect for those with allergies and sensitive skin.

- Natural Fibre
- Enzyme washed for incredible softness
- Strong and durable fibre, improving in softness with every wash
- Ideal for people with sensitive skin and allergies
- Natural PH balance
- Naturally hypoallergenic
- Flax is grown with very few fertilisers & pesticides
- Naturally sustainable
- Zero wastage - every part of the plant is used
- Flax helps to preserve ecological diversity
- 100% biodegradable & recyclable

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