Wool and Alpaca Blanket

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Complete your home sanctuary with our luxurious, durable blanket crafted from the highest quality wool and alpaca yarn and finished with a simplistic and neatblanket-stitched edge. Soft, warm, and never itchy, you will be using this comfortable versatile blanket for years and years to come.

Made to an extra-large size, this blanket can be laid right across the end of your bed for an additional cosy layer and finishing element to dress your room. For cooler winter evenings, drape it over the back of a sofa, ready to reach for and cuddle into. If you’re feeling adventurous, this durable blanket is the perfect travel companion to use as a picnic rug or as an extra layer for warmth while outdoors.

Carrying the Woolmark certification, you know it's been designed with longevity in mind and meets the strictest criteria.

— 240cm x 260cm, 2.08kg
— 30% Alpaca from Peru & 70% Wool from Australia
— Woolmark Certified
— Blanketstitch Edge
— Durable Fibre Construction
— Natural, Breathable Fibre
— Bio-degradable
— From a Renewable Resource
— Luxuriously Warm
— Naturally Stain & Odour Resistant

240cm x 260cm

Wool and alpaca yarn is inherently stain and odour resistant meaning that it requires less washing which is both gentle on the throw as well as our planet.

Airing your blanket outside where there is good airflow is the best way to refresh your woollen items. A little bit of air can help if your blanket has been stored away between seasons and is a little musty. Make sure that you aren’t leaving the blanket in the sun for long periods which can cause fading.

We recommend that you only dry-clean your blanket. 

For more detailed information about caring for your wool, visit www.woolmark.com/care

All Isle of Omni woollen items carry the Woolmark certification, New Zealand, and the world’s leading standard for this textile.  


With the Woolmark accreditation, you can have the confidence that your Isle of Omni wool products have been made to last and have been designed with longevity in mind. 


Every product adorned with the Woolmark logo needs to pass a rigorous five-step process to earn the iconic endorsement. You can have confidence that your Omni product is made of natural, renewable and biodegradable wool and meets the exacting standards of the leading body for excellence and quality in wool. 


The five-step process is made up of: 


01. Fibre Content 

An assessment of the fibre content to verify the ingredients of the item 


02. Colourfastness to Light 

Exposure of the item to the harshest light over a period to measure its colourfastness 


03. Durability 

Pushing, pulling, stretching – the item is physically manipulated to measure its strength and durability as well as pilling resistance 


04. Laundry Testing 

The item is washed under harsh conditions in unforgiving machines to assess its resilience to being cared for in even the most testing environments 


05. Colourfastness to Liquid 

To replicate real life scenarios, the item is tested against a range of liquid that it may come up against, ranging from coffee to oil and makeup 



Through this certification, we can confidently assure our customers that our woollen items are of the highest quality, contain no plastics and are made to perform. 


Read more about Woolmark here: https://www.woolmark.com