Escapism Bundle — Organic Cotton Throw + Cedar Oud & White Flower Candle

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Our two favourites combine in this luxurious thoughtful gift set – treat your loved one, or yourself while also enjoying a small saving. Often the simple things bring the most joy: envelope yourself in our beautiful throw and light our large five wick Cedar Oud & White Flower candle that will glow long through the evening.

Bundle Includes:
1 Isle of Organic Cotton Throw + 1 Large Cedar Oud & White Flower Coconut Wax Candle

The Isle of Omni cotton throw is of heirloom quality to be treasured. Exquisite in its simplicity, it has been beautifully hand woven by skilled artisans on traditional hand looms using 100% GOTS certified organic soft slubby natural cotton yarn for a rich texture and warm handle. The look achieved can be described as a bouclé texture. Through hand crafting, each piece is ever so slightly unique – adding natural character to any space.

130cm x 180cm + Fringe

Our Omni Candle will fill your home with the scent of fresh linen and summer with our Cedar Oud & White Flower Omni Candle - a blend of cedarwood, amber, jasmine, tarragon and lemon bergamot.Calming, refreshing, not overly feminine or masculine, this harmonious scent will carry through your home, welcoming you when opening the door.

5 wicks, approximately 40hr burn time