Creative Director and Co-Founder Amber Peebles on the Isle of Omni Dream

Creative Director and Co-Founder Amber Peebles on the Isle of Omni Dream IsleOfOmni

Creative Director and Co-Founder Amber Peebles on the Isle of Omni Dream

Hi Amber! Can you tell us about when you first dreamed up the idea of Isle of Omni? What was your vision for the brand?

The idea first formed from my online community. My audience is mostly women in New Zealand and they are always talking to me about quality homewares, as well as being passionate about organic. I saw a gap in the market for luxury-level products that were just that.

My vision for the brand has always been clear in my mind: a linen collection so luxurious that it transports you to your favourite getaway as soon as you slip between the sheets. I’m passionate about it being organic, ethically produced, and traceable through the process. People want to know where and by whom their products are made, so Isle of Omni was born.

It’s been a lot of work over the last year but I’ve also had invaluable help from industry experts that have decades of experience and they’ve been able to guide me.


Talk us through your creative process. Where do you start and who or what are you drawn to for inspiration?

I draw inspiration from previous travels, getaways, and resorts I have visited around the world but especially Waiheke. An island escape with beautiful sand, warm air, golden afternoon sun, and fresh linen is so inspiring to me. I want to bring that home for people. Rest is so important and we spend so much time at home so why not slip into bed and be transported to your very own idyllic haven?


What are the defining values of Isle of Omni that are of the utmost importance to you?

Creating quality products that tread lightly on the earth and treat kindly to the people that make them.


Isle of Omni seeks to be both luxurious and ethical, how do you balance the two?

Working with people that have decades of experience in the space has been key in navigating these elements. I’ve learnt so much in the process, but with the ever-changing world we live in - thanks to Covid - it came down to years of knowledge and connections. Knowing exactly where our fibres originate from and which farms to use, all the way through to the techniques used in their production is essential to achieving both.


How would you describe your interior aesthetic?

I’ve become a lot more minimal over the years, really trying to edit down to pieces that make my heart sing. Getting interiors right takes so much time, unless you can afford to do it all at once, you just have to be patient and slowly search.

I have a mid-century streak, I love including vintage pieces with a modern twist.

We’ve moved quite a few times over the years and I feel each house wants a different spin, I really enjoy that creative challenge!


What time of day brings you the most joy, and why?

When I have my morning coffee in bed – ahh, it’s so good. I wouldn’t call myself a morning person but after a great night’s sleep in some beautiful linen and a coffee to sip on, I find it just sets me up for the day ahead.


What’s on the horizon for Isle of Omni?

We have some really exciting products in the pipeline, I wish I could spill the beans right now but if you sign up to our newsletter you will be the first to hear 

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