The four ways Isle of Omni lives the conscious luxury ethos

The four ways Isle of Omni lives the conscious luxury ethos IsleOfOmni

The four ways Isle of Omni lives the conscious luxury ethos

Our belief is that it is possible to combine a luxury experience with respect for the environment and local communities.

Our focus is twofold, sourcing beautiful products of the highest standard that are made to last, as well as seeking transparency and communication through material sourcing and manufacture. We want you to be able to ask the hard questions about where we are making our products, with whom, and how their production affects their immediate communities and the world around them.

Isle of Omni conscious luxury is about providing the best that nature has to offer, in a sustainable harmonious way. Here are four ways that we are living our conscious luxury ethos:

1. GOTS Certified Cotton

All Isle of Omni cotton products are proudly Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) Certified, the world’s leading standard for this textile. 

From seed to stitch, the entire process of the supply chain falls under the microscope. At the very beginning, no genetically modified seeds are used, nor are pesticides or chemicals. This not only delivers a better, safer product for our customers, it is better for the farmers that don’t have to use chemicals, and for the environment as the soil remains fertile and requires less water for farming, conserving this precious resource. Every step along the cottons journey to becoming a beautiful, completed towel, throw, or bedding, is overseen by GOTS strict environmental and social criteria. This includes the spinners, dyers, factories. Through this certification, we can confidently assure our customers that when using our products, there are no triggering nasties against their skin, just the most breathable and soft organic cotton of the highest quality.

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2. Sustainable Linen

Flax linen is one of nature’s miracle fibres with so many inherit benefits.

Naturally sustainable, growing flax requires much less water comparative to other fibres, conserving this precious resource. It is fast growing and there is zero wastage as every part of the plant can be woven into fibre meaning there is no waste left after the spinning and weaving process. Flax helps to preserve ecological diversity and as it is grown with very few fertilisers and pesticides, it is safer for our growers and makers, the global environment and safer for your health and skin.


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3. Coconut Wax and Cotton Wicks

Burning a beautiful candle can fill your home with freshness while transporting you to a calmer state of mind.

We chose to use coconut wax for our candles because it provides a cleaner burn. What we mean by this is it doesn’t contain questionable ingredients including paraffin wax or other commonly used alternatives which aren’t so kind on our environment. As an added benefit, coconut wax lasts longer and diffuses scent further through your home. Finally, the wick that we use is cotton for that long lasting eco burn.


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3. Carbon Offset

We offer a carbon offset option at checkout to help neutralise the carbon emissions from your purchase. Your contribution helps fund forest restoration, tree planning, and renewable energy projects that fight climate change. Simply add to cart from as little as $2.


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