International Women's Day: Amber Peebles

International Women's Day: Amber Peebles IsleOfOmni

International Women's Day: Amber Peebles

This International Women’s Day we sat down with our very own Amber Peebles.

Fashion Icon, TV Presenter, Home Style & DIY Enthusiast and most recently, Businesswoman, Amber Peebles is the powerhouse who does it all. We take a moment to talk with Amber about her journey with Isle of Omni, the vision she has for the brand, advice on carving out a successful career and what’s ahead.


What was your inspiration to start the Isle of Omni business?

It was my online community that really gave me the inspiration. We had conversation after conversation about quality homewares that tread lightly on the planet. They wanted transparency with a level of quality that rivalled the absolute best.


Tell us a little about your original vision for the brand?

I really wanted people to feel they had a little bit of luxury just for themselves in those quiet moments at the beginning and end of the day.

The beauty of sleeping in lush sheets and using thick rich towels, shouldn’t be reserved for only the moments you treat yourself to staying in a hotel, why can’t it can be every night.

I wanted people to feel special in these private moments, to feel treated, even transported. 



What have you loved most about creating Isle of Omni and your journey so far?

Learning. There’s nothing like launching a brand in the middle of a pandemic to teach you a few truths and push you out of your comfort zone. I must say, I’ve also really enjoyed the DM chats I’ve had with customers, it’s been really interesting and the direct feedback is so important when your company is new.


How can we encourage more women to pursue entrepreneurship or senior leadership roles in their career?

I think surrounding yourself with people that support and inspire you is really important, people that are self motivated and driven.

Find what excites you and brainstorm on how that can become your future. Think about what ‘your’ version of success looks like.

Start listening to podcasts from Female Founders, how did they start, what did they learn.

You can message woman entrepreneurs online for a meeting, sure you might get turned away by some, they are often very busy so don’t take it personally. It’s a numbers game, if you reach out to 20 / 30 people it’s likely someone will agree to having a coffee with you. Prepare your questions so you’re not seen to be waisting time, possibly ask if you can meet again in a month, or maybe offer to assist them a day or two a week. This comes back to surrounding yourself with people that support and inspire you, it’s a great way to start.



The best piece of advice that you have been given in business or your career?

Understanding your own self worth. 


You're hosting a dinner party and you're inviting three women, who would they be and why?

I know I’m meant to say something really profound here but honestly, I have three of the best girlfriends someone could ask for so 1000% they win. They are all smart, fun and endlessly supportive so they full my cup.

However, to answer the question you’re really asking, I would absolutely love to get a glimpse inside the mind of these three incredible women. 

Hedy Lamarr, I’m only just learning about her now, but essentially she was a famous Hollywood actress in the 50s that also invented ‘Frequency Hoping’ - which would go on to be the basis for todays Wifi and Bluetooth technology. 

Gloria Steinem, often referred to as the Mother of Feminism.

And Rihanna, who has dominated the Music, Beauty and Fashion industries as a fierce founder.



What's next for Isle of Omni?

We are about to take your sleeping to a whole new level guys. Very shortly we will be launching the absolute BEST duvet inners, mattress toppers and pillows. Honestly, it’s like sleeping in a cloud. 

Watch this space for more details coming VERY soon.


Favourite pieces from the collection to date?

Oh I find this impossible to answer. The towels really need to be touched to be believed, I get so many messages about them. They really take people by surprise.

On the bedding side, the 1000 count cotton is game changing but I really adore our Linen! It’s a completely different experience and they just get more soft and buttery with every use.

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