5 Tips for Waking Up Earlier

5 Tips for Waking Up Earlier IsleOfOmni

5 Tips for Waking Up Earlier

Daylight Savings is coming, and with it the opportunity for you to catch another hours sleep in the morning. If you’re looking at getting the most out of the hours in your day, this could be the perfect opportunity for you to adjust to an earlier start.

We have a few quick tips to help you become a morning person.

1 - Limit light at night

Switch off brighter room lights and use low light lamps or candles in the evenings to help start winding down.

2 - Prep for the morning

Get organised in the evenings for the next morning. Lay your clothes out for the next day, have the things you need to leave the house ready at the door, pack your lunch, write your to do list for the day.

3 - Don't force an early bedtime

Forcing yourself to bed before you’re sleepy can induce insomnia. Instead, try a relaxing routine: Read a few pages of a book, give yourself a facial, stretch. As you start getting up earlier, your body will gradually feel sleepier earlier.

4 - Avoid hitting snooze

Getting up at your first alarm will have you feeling more energised than if you were to snooze and drift in and out of sleep. Try gradually adjusting your wake-up times by 15 minutes every few days for an easier adjustment.

5 - Find light in the morning

Our bodies use light to tell time, so try to get a dose of light as soon as you wake up. Going for a walk and catching sunlight is best but sitting by a lamp while eating breakfast works too.




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