How To Make Your Bedroom Feel Like a Holiday Destination

How To Make Your Bedroom Feel Like a Holiday Destination IsleOfOmni

How To Make Your Bedroom Feel Like a Holiday Destination

Oh, how we miss the indulgence of staying in a boutique hotel at an idyllic destination. The peace, the pampering, the respite. But who’s to say you can’t enjoy the same dreamy satisfaction at home? Some may call it wanderlust, but with Isle of Omni, we believe your bedroom can indeed be the holiday haven of your dreams. Here’s how:


  1. Your bed, the centrepiece. An impeccably made bed with crisp white linen or cotton sheets and an abundance of layers is the ultimate marker of five-star luxury. The higher the thread count, the better the quality; our GOTS certified organic cotton bedding is available in either 500TC or 1000TC varieties, offering a silkier feel and smoother look. While our 100% French and Belgian flax linen - the finest linen in the world - ensures the softest finish that gets even better with age. Spoilt for choice.


  1. The dream is in the details. Super-size your duvet and pile on a combination of quality pillows (more really is more) to recreate that illusive hotel-room feel. Indulging in a plush bathrobe and slippers is a non-negotiable, too.


  1. Let there be an abundance of light. Glorious rays of sunlight streaming through the window is a hallmark of waking up in a dream-like locale. If natural light is limited in your bedroom, opt for warm lighting to soften the ambiance and set the mood for rest and relaxation.


  1. Clutter-free and feeling fresh. Consider your storage options to give your room that otherworldly finish – a beautiful bedside table can be a styling accent that personalises your space while also offering essential space for organisation.


  1. Find calm with a signature scent that reminds you of your favourite far-flung destination, bringing it to life with a clean burning candle. Think fresh, tropical notes for an island getaway or a warm floral fragrance like our coconut wax candle that’s reminiscent of summer in Santorini.


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